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Interesting Non-Traditional Investment Opportunities Available

Traditional investors are always following the stock market, watching how foreign currencies perform, and try to figure out if the housing market is up or down. Many people love the action and find that exciting. Investors who are growing tired of that will be interested in non-traditional private equity investment. There are private equity investment companies that handle alternative assets for modern investors. Services help investors connect with opportunities, manage the investment, and assist with re-investing.


Many investors have already enjoyed alternative assets cannabis in states where the medical or recreation use has been legalized. Several more states are moving toward legalization which will provide a cannabis investment opportunity to anyone who wants to avoid, or add to, traditional opportunities. Vermont, New York, Missouri, and New Mexico are states that have proposals or committee recommendations to bring the issue to a vote.

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Federal Action

In the beginning of this current year, a Congressional Democrat has issued a proposal that outlines step-by-step plan to make marijuana legal at the federal level. In 2018, the industrial hemp cultivation increased by three times of that in 2017. Hearings are also being conducted to address business banking for legal cannabis business owners. The difficulties accessing traditional banks makes the business on of all-cash transactions. This is dangerous because those businesses become targets for break-ins and robberies.

Investing Assets

The lack of banking access also means investing cannabis assets is difficult. This is also the case for investors who choose to invest in crypto-currency. Navigating non-traditional investments, re-investing some of those assets, and adhering to reporting regulations for tax purposes can be overwhelming. Some companies, such as Plouton Capital, specialize in helping people invest in new and modern opportunities.

Moving Forward

The legality of cannabis is moving forward quickly, as is the business banking situation. Once that finally happens, traditional investors will no longer be hesitant about financing start-up companies, support services, and logistic companies that grow, process, and distribute cannabis. Daring investors who get involved in the industry now may realize higher gains than those who wait.

Make an appointment with a representative from a private investing company and discover how the process works. Learn about the risks that always accompany investments. Explore the opportunities currently available and get an idea of the ones that will be available in the near future. Ask any questions that come to mind and find out how these investment opportunities differ from traditional ones. Cannabis investing can be the start of modern investing that may see other interesting opportunities emerging.

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